I am tap dancing on a cloud

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Whisper Of The Heart (If You Listen Closely), 1995

And yet another Hayao Miyazaki piece to end the day. I may have just watched the cutest movie up to date. 

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And if you were to ask me,
after all that we’ve been through-
Still believe in magic?
Yes I do,
Of course I do

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Almost forgot about my fascination for this band. I remember always listening to this song whenever I feel down or something like that. Now I barely feel that way. Emotionally at least. Now, whenever I feel down, it’s always cause I’m physically drained either from school, or work, or both. So this song still helps me get by. I’m saying all this because I’m currently suffering from a sore body, itchy eyes, and a mild headache so I’ve decided to sleep it off and listen to this song before doing so.

Let it go, this too shall pass.

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I like to stick to walls,
observing conversations
and lifting them when they fall

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With this being said, I’m finally back :) Back from where? I have no idea. Truth is, I’ve been using school as an excuse for not being able to blog as much as I used to anymore. Why? I have no idea as well— but now I’m back.

My thighs are currently suffering from soreness (due to excessive walking) as I type, and I’m also currently feeling the need to read something nice. A book to be specific. I’m not sure what yet, but I will find/re-read/purchase one probably tomorrow. I’m tired, and exhausted, but the world is a nice place to be exhausted in. I’m also hungry, but I’m going to sleep instead. 

Anyway, cheers to hitting the sack.

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Crowd Source Story - Dream Girl/Guy, Watercolour

Ha. Finally done. Had to put in some extra effort on this one though, I’m hoping it’s all worth it.

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So it took me quite a bit of time to I realized that due to a massive amount of school work, I can no longer get this daily-post going, so right now I’m currently back to regular (once in a blue moon) blogging.

As of this moment, I’m working on two projects due this week. One is a layout design for an android app, and the other one is a video presentation of my crowd source story.

These two have been keeping me preoccupied these past couple of weeks (especially the app one) but I’m not even complaining. I enjoy these huge tasks.

Anyway.. back to work. Just dropped by to say hi, now goodbye.

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Day 80 + 81

My all time favourite Bob Marley classic to make up for this blog that I’ve been failing to update lately. Been so caught up with countless school works I want all of this to be done already. Although I just got a recent update on my marks and they’re pretty impressive for someone who slacks, so I guess the lack of time to update is somehow worth it?

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Day 79

Lemon & cucumber infused water with mint leaves, to go.

I have the most boring weekends. Anyway, this has been my drink for the past couple days. Trying to do some detoxing cause I feel like this is the only form of diet I could pull off. Not that I’m trying to lose weight (cause that’s the last thing I want to do) or anything but it’s all a matter of cleansing my system. I’ve been into so much stress due to school lately so I feel like I, at least, owe it to my body to be kept as healthy as possible.. or something like that.

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